Music Ministries

The Sunday Praise Team
Providing the foundation for congregational praise singing is the ever evolving mission of the Praise Team.  By using a combination of amplified and acoustic instruments with a number of vocalists, they offer a blend of the contemporary and modern praise music styles. The worship attendees love to join in with clapping and smiles, making this part of the service a warm and uplifting experience. The bands includes hymns to ensure that if traditional worship is your passion, then there will be something for you, too!

Some of our other music ministries currently on hiatus:

The Chancel Choir
This diverse group of vocalists offers musical anthems.  These inspiring pieces (either accompanied by our pianist or background music) range from the Traditional Sacred to Modern Pop/Christian genres. If you feel led and have the talent, the choir needs a leader who would be able to bring it back for times like a Christmas or Easter Cantata, or the Festival of Faith, sponsored by AVAC every fall. 

The Center Band
If you like your Christian Rock music to be a little louder than on Sunday, you will enjoy singing along with our former Wednesday praise group. These praise songs are done in the style of modern day recording artists you may hear on "The Word" FM and "The Message" on satellite radio.  Just a word of may feel the need to dance during this band's performance.