Upper Room Class

I Thessalonians 1:3 “…work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”
The Upper Room class is located on the lower level but that does not limit our enthusiasm and love.  Someone said we are “over the hill and picking up speed” but age does not define who we are and what we see as our passion.
We are very mission-minded, spearheading a monthly donation drive to benefit AVAC (Allegheny Valley Association of Churches).  We have collected peanut butter, jelly, paper products, and toiletries to be given to the folks in our area who experiencing difficulty making ends meet.  We also support a “We Care” person who is currently serving overseas in the military.  We are sending regular care packages to him that are quickly and happily opened and distributed among the troops who are serving with him.
Come join our class at 9:15 every Sunday morning as we pray for our community, read and discuss scripture that will be part of the Sunday worship service and laugh along with us as we discover the humor in our lives.  The scripture to be studied is read right before the discussion starts so you are welcome to join in anytime.  We even have extra Bibles to loan if you have left yours at home.
We are able to read and practice God’s word because we support each other through our faithful connections and concern for one another.
Please consider joining any and every Sunday you are in Center UM Church!